Jean-Thomas Bédard

un fleuve, un regard

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“Beauty can be very simple, and even be right there, at our feet”

In search of visual treasures, Jean-Thomas spent hours, or even days, contemplating the buffer zone between land and sea on the shores of the St. Lawrence Estuary. He spent a decade travelling the Lower St. Lawrence, the Gaspé Peninsula and the North Shore to document these beauties through his lens. He creates photographic compositions that evokes abstract painting, inviting a reflection on time and the impermanence of things.

His work displays the colours and materials found on the banks of the St. Lawrence River at low tide. Referring to the passing of time, to the geological upheavals that these stones have known as well as the organic life associated with them, he conceived two-dimensional works in bas-relief. These non-figurative photographs are taken in close-up, blurring spatial landmarks and offering a completely different perspective of the elements in reality. It is through his search for beauty that these fascinating landscapes and movements are drawn. It recalls at how beauty can be very simple, and even be right there, at our feet.

Artistic approach


Jean-Thomas draws his inspiration mainly from nature. In his youth, it was by leafing through a copy of La Flore Laurentienne by Brother Marie-Victorin that he truly felt challenged by the diversity and richness of the ecosystem of the St. Lawrence Valley.

The work of the painter Alfred Pellan inspires him by his choice of colours and its organic textures. The painting entitled Le Jardin volcanique, which can be seen at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, proved to be an absolute revelation for him. Some of his own works even echo this painting. We also find Van Gogh and Jean-Paul Riopelle among his influences.

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The exhibition takes place from July 4 to September 5 at the Museum. Hurry up and get tickets! Come see the works of Jean-Thomas Bédard.